Welcome to Aloe Park Primary School

Aloe Park Primary School is nested at the foot of the hill and derives its name from the Aloe.
In 1983 The School opened its doors as Ladysmith Primary School with a staff of 7 members and an enrolment of 701 learners. As at 2020the School has grown and has 1038learners and a staff of 35.


We at Aloe Park Primary School, commit ourselves to be a self-reliant learning school. In doing this we will ensure that our school provides a relevant and quality learning experience to learners and all stakeholders in the community.

We will do this by:

  • Providing quality education by means of instruction, guidance and facilitation by a core of dedicated and accountable educators.
  • Placing teaching and learning first in everything we do at school.
  • Giving our educators opportunities to develop and improve their skills.
  • Preparing our learners to become responsible and active members of society.
  • Working hard to raise support and commitment from the community so that we can modernize and develop the school premises fully.

  • We will achieve these goals through co-operation with one another and full dedication and commitment to teaching and learning.


  • To provide quality education to learners in order to uplift and empower them to play a responsible and meaningful role in society.
  • To enable pupils to develop in body, mind and spirit.
  • To unfold human values that are inherent in each individual.
  • To make our learners literate, numerate and socially responsible beings.
  • To ensure that teaching and learning takes place in a proper school environment that is effectively managed by educators and parents.

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